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Elizabeth Warren voted to confirm Ben Carson for HUD. Ed Markey voted to confirm Elaine Chao for Transportation and Wilbur Ross for Commerce.

Here's more information on them and the hearings in general (not made by me, thanks whoever you are):

The highlights:

Ben Carson: "Absolutely no experience in this area and is not on the side of government ensuring fair housing."

Elaine Chao: "Anti-worker / anti-union, failed to enforce min wage/overtime when she was heading the Labor Dept, conflict of interest (she's married to Mitch McConnell and ties to big banks,"

Wilbur Ross: "Wall Street insider - also, NOAA would be under his purview. Has been overheard making off-color jokes about people of color, LGBT people, and the poor. And his extensive portfolio of investments creates large conflicts of interests with his new appointed office."

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Jan. 24, 2017, 3:38 p.m. by presley

A Markey staffer said the info on the Wilbur Ross vote might be wrong, he doesn't think that vote has happened yet. Keep an eye on it!