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The Safe Communities Act introduced by State Senator Jamie Eldridge's (SD.1596) and State Representative Juana Matías (HD.3052) would prohibit Massachusetts police from cooperating with federal authorities in deportations. This would expand similar laws in cities like Boston and Somerville across the entire state. It would also prevent Massachusetts from participating in a registry of Muslim residents.

See: full text of the bill; fact sheet about the bill; find who your legislators are

Find out if your legislators have already sponsored by going to the bill and viewing Print Preview (yeah, I know). If they're already sponsoring, it's still worth calling them to thank them for their support.

The bill will likely get more support from Boston-area legislators than those further afield. If you have friends in Western Mass, please encourage them to take this action.

The deadline for sponsorships in the house is February 2nd, for the senate it's longer (not sure exactly).


 *Good morning/afternoon. My name is __________. I’m a constituent of
 Senator/Representative [name] and I live in____________.  I’m calling to
 ask Senator/Representative [name] to cosponsor the Safe Communities Act,
 sponsored by Senator Jamie Eldridge (*SD.1596
 <>*) and Representative Juana
 Matías *(HD.3052)*. This bill would protect the civil rights of all state
 residents by making sure our tax dollars are not used to help the Trump
 administration deport immigrants and create a Muslim registry.*

 *Massachusetts leadership has always helped shape the nation’s
 consciousness on civil rights. Today, we need to see that kind of courage
 from our state legislators on behalf of immigrants and Muslims in our

 *Can I count on the [Senator / Representative]’s support? *[Be sure to give
 Docket Numbers of bills: SD.1596 and HD.3052]

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Other things you can do to get involved: * Boston DSA is also organizing a phone bank for the bill (as well as for the Raise Up Massachusetts agenda of $15 minimum wage, paid family medical leave, and progressive income tax) on Monday Jan 30th. * There will be a march and speak-out in support of immigrant rights on Saturday Jan 28th. * The bill is being launched with a rally at the Massachusetts State House on Wednesday Feb 1st.