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FRIT, a large real estate development company worth about $9 billion, had plans to build residential units in Assembly Square when Somerville changed its requirement for low-income units from 12.5% of newly developed units to 20%. They don't want to have to build the extra low-income units even though they're badly needed, and have requested a waiver. The Planning Board will make the decision of whether to grant the waiver. They are not elected, but appointed by the mayor.

The Planning Board meetings have shown much more support for affordable housing than for the waiver, but not all members of the Planning Board are convinced that this reflects the will of the people. With a petition (created by Michael Bowler), we can show the overwhelming community preference for affordable housing - for saying that we will only allow developers to profit off of our city if the people of the city get a good deal.

Get the petition here, print and sign it, pass it around to any Somerville residents (don't have non-Somerville residents sign it), scan it or take a photo with your phone, and upload it here. If you know me and can give me the original that's even better, but otherwise just upload it!

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