Type: Making Art

Tagged Actions

Action Created Tags Trackers Deadline? Priority? Status? Friends? Notes? Duration? Manage
Discussion: From Community Outrage to Action: Beyond the Ballot Mon Nov 21 Immigration Queer Civil Rights Anti-Racism Making Art Event 0 None Medium False Unknown or variable None None
Music Conference: Black Lives Matter: Music, Race, and Justice Mon Nov 21 Anti-Racism Making Art Event 2 None Medium False A few hours None None
Print and add some pro-diversity, anti-hate signs in your neighborhood Mon Dec 19 Immigration Anti-Racism Anti-Harassment Making Art 7 None Medium True Under an hour None None
Brand-jam Trump Sun Apr 16 Anti-Corruption Making Art Protest Cultural Change Symbolic Gestures Social Media Campaign Elections Writing News 1 None Medium True Unknown or variable KS-2 KS