Type: Social Media Campaign

Tagged Actions

Action Created Tags Trackers Deadline? Priority? Status? Friends? Notes? Duration? Manage
Join the Injustice Boycott Sun Dec 18 Anti-Racism Criminal Justice Boycott Social Media Campaign 3 None Medium False Minor ongoing commitment None None
Join SleepingGiants and help pull advertisements from Breitbart Wed Mar 08 Fake news Boycott Social Media Campaign 2 None Medium True Unknown or variable None None
Email Congress in Support of Science at http://save-science.org Sat May 06 Technology Social Media Campaign 2 -1219 Medium False Unknown or variable None None
Encourage Social Media friends to avoid demonizing Trump voters Fri Feb 24 General Anti-Harassment Social Media Campaign 1 None Medium False Ten minutes or less None None
Brand-jam Trump Sun Apr 16 Anti-Corruption Making Art Protest Cultural Change Symbolic Gestures Social Media Campaign Elections Writing News 1 None Medium True Unknown or variable KS-2 KS